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31st-Dec-2011 06:17 pm - Friends Only
Fanworks (fanfiction, icons, banners, etc.) are not friends-locked. My ramblings about my life are, because people don't need to hear me complain about dumb things like the weather.

Please comment to be added though if you send me a friend request, I'll probably friend you anyway.
12th-Nov-2011 06:43 pm - Suits Exchange References
Oh goodness. I apologize ever so much, mystery writer. I'd completely forgotten that I'd promised to leave up references for you until the mod emailed me. I don't know if you're still in need of these, but I figure you could have some pretty fabulous recs out of it all the same, right?

Except I can't really remember what I said I'd actually put here, so I'll put some likes and dislikes, and some links to my favorite fics--how's that? And then you can let me know via the wonderfully gracious mods what else you would like to know.

Lots of stuff this-a-way.Collapse )
Title: The Art of Conversation
Genre/Rating: General (Humor?), T
Character/Pairing(s): Severus x Hermione, Harry Potter
Summary: In relationships, communication is key. Also, Snape deals with having a godson named after him. Disaster? In a word, yes.
Warning(s): none
Author's Note(s): I honestly wasn’t planning on writing any more—the round was basically over, you know? But then the plotbunny hit me in the face like a hippogriff on speed and I churned out 10 drabbles. Just like that. Ugh.
Title: The Baby Elephant
Genre/Rating: Angst/Family, K+
Character/Pairing(s): Izumi, Sig
Summary: They never speak of it, but that doesn't mean it never happened.
Warning(s): Vague spoilers if you don't know about Izumi's past. (Actually, the fic won't even make sense if you don't know her past.)
Author's Note(s): I'd originally meant to submit this for the prompt "invisible" for fma_fic_contest, but then couldn't submit it in time. Ah well.

One foot after the other, just seven steps to their kitchen.Collapse )

: This is How Daedelus Falls (Through Icarus)
Genre/Rating: Angst, K+
Character/Pairing(s): Edward, Alphonse
Summary: They gather knowledge (like feathers) and they construct wings to fly.
Warning(s): If you don't know how Ed got his automail and Al became a suit of armor....
Author's Note(s): none

To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.Collapse )

: Catch and Hold
Genre/Rating: Angst/Romance, K+
Character/Pairing(s): Roy x Riza, Team Mustang cameo
Summary: They speak, but not with their voices. Her colonel is waiting for her and she will not falter.
Warning(s): Spoilers if you don't know who "Elizabeth" is, or what happened during the Ishbal war.

Author's Note(s): For those unfamiliar with the practice… Back when firing squads still existed, after governments got smarter about the psychological effects of execution on members of a firing squad, they implemented a system where all members of the firing squad are handed a rifle, but only one is loaded with a real bullet. All members shoot at the same time, so theoretically, no one knows if it was their gun that killed their comrade, thus lessening the psychological impact.

I'm not sure if it's necessary to emphasize the word "theoretically".

Elizabeth, I'm waiting.Collapse )
Title: The Absolute Truth
Genre/Rating: General/Humor, T
Character/Pairing(s): Roy Mustang (hints of Roy x Riza)
Summary: Roy may not be one hundred percent honest, but he does know how to distract one's attention.
Warning(s): Spoilers if you don't know who "Elizabeth" is.
Author's Note(s): none

"Tell me the truth, Roy, did you ever love me?"Collapse )
13th-Oct-2008 12:16 am - Bleach Icon Dump
I think I've been working on this for, what, almost a year now? I might as well post it. Credit not necessary, don't call your own, blahblahblah.


Lots of No-LifeCollapse )
12th-Mar-2008 08:05 pm - Multi-Fandom Icon Dump
Yea, currently in progress. I know. Shut up.

If you want, feel free to take--credit is nice - not necessary - but please don't call it your own. And the pictures/art came from somewhere(s) miscellaneous; that part I don't take credit for. Also, borrowing someone's icon generator; can't remember whose...

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